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5 ways to use marble in your space

Long before it became the go-to background for countless #Instagram posts, #marble was synonymous with natural #elegance and refinement for #artists, #architects and #interior designers. From the gentle grey and white marble favoured by ancient #Greek and #Roman sculptors, to the richly patterned slabs gracing counters and table tops in stylish and contemporary homes, marble has never truly gone out of style.

As a #decorative material, marble strikes a perfect balance between delicate and provocative. With natural swirls and muted #colours, marble can be either a focal point in a neutral interior, or an unobtrusive background to offset bold home styling. Here are 5 ways to use marble in your space.


Do as the ancients did and replace #painted, wallpapered or carpeted surfaces with marble-clad ones. Dark offerings are moody and add intimacy whilst the pale marble is nothing but uplifting.


Beautiful #staircases, #fireplaces and built-in baths, instantly become much more #grand when marble is thrown into the mix. Often it’s all a feature needs to make a statement so accessorise sparingly. You too will have stood in awe, marveling at a #bathroom finished entirely in marble. Marble often has a calming effect. Marble is like a solid rock facing the tides, a stone that lasts. There’s something very #noble and timeless about it.


How fitting, then, that marble #furniture has become a trend in furniture again in recent years. You too can create stylish accents when furnishing your home with new furniture accessories. When you think marble furniture think of #dining tables, side stables and #accessories.


Polished marble makes a stunning flooring option for #entryways and #hallways. A table topped with a few key objects or a low urn of flourishing blooms is a #sophisticated choice. Marble is very slippery, however, so, for areas of heavy footfall, consider including an area #rug or runner.


A classic all-marble set up is the #zenith of bathroom #styling. It’s a great way to maintain a comfortable temperature after a steamy bath or shower and looks practically #celestial.

Our obsession with marble is real! Creating these #interiors is our #passion, together with our team of expertise we can choose the right finishes and feel for your space. #svinteriors

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