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What Does Interior Architcture mean?

Updated: May 21, 2020

Many people think interior design is simply about selecting the décor for your space, choosing the right fabrics or colours. However, there's more to interior design than that! Interior design is about choosing aesthetically appealing décor with the most efficient solutions for the space.

One often uses the terms 'interior designer' and 'interior architect' interchageably, which is incorrect. An interior architect is involved in technical drawings (such as blueprints), whereas an interior designer is responsible for decorating the space, with creativity and originality. Here at SV Interiors, we offer the best of both worlds!

Drafting plans for further consultations

An interior architect starts by drafting and designing plans. Then they wait for approval on whether or not they can apply them. This approval depends on many factors, but most importantly, it depends on the clients wants and needs. It is important to focus on a functional design. Interior architects plan, research, and coordinate with others to find the optimal design.

Specialisation in designing and building interiors

An interior architect focuses on the safety of the building, while creating the design. As the process evolves from sketching, to designing, to building, the interior designer must consider the following aspects:


It is very important to consider durability and strength, which comes from selecting the building materials that have the right properties to ensure this.


The building would be useless, if not functional and efficient. So, interior architects find ways to most efficiently use the space. They do so by drafting and comparing several proposals, selecting the most functional one, the one which provides the most benefit to all spaces.


The interior architect has to make sure that once the previous steps are complete, the space is aesthetically pleasing. This is the stage where it's most likely for the different taste of different clients to come into play and so, client consultation is most important.

Understand human psychology and perceptions

Design creates culture. Culture shapes value. Value determines the future.”

Colour and light are two of the fundamental elements in interior design. They are linked to how an individual reacts psychologically, physiology, and socially. It is very important for an interior architect to understand all of these aspects and incorporate them into the design of a space. Colour and light can evoke different feelings during daily life. For example, they can make one feel productive, hungry, lazy, sleepy, etc. An interior architect should give you the most out of the space, ensuring that the space it utilised in the best way for you and and your comfort.

We go beyond design! At SV Interiors, we provide all these services to make sure your project runs smoothly and beautifully. We hope you've enjoyed our first blog post! We'll make sure to keep them coming, to help you create your #dream space.

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